Exiled out East is a three-part, female-centric comedy web series about a famed New York Party Planner who commits a very public ‘faux pas’ and is exiled to her Southampton home. She’s given one last shot to climb back up the social ladder by planning a party for the Halitosis Prevention Foundation.

Episode One..

Episode Two…

Episode Three…

Just 3 years ago I created and produced this scripted comedy  (event planning and the world behind it).  A short time after, I  got interested in working as an affair and party planner, for real!  I began thinking about how to direct my own imagined staff on a spectacular bash! … Read More

I’ve always been so intrigued in how people come up with stories, where the ideas come from and the process of taking it from concept to production. Well now I’m one of those people!

Exiled Out East really started when a … Read More